Matters Neeeding Attention When Test The App Push Service

For JPush, when get the app test package, you neet to confirm that the app is using appKey of test version.

Otherwise, the push service will not receive notification, cause the server is using a test appKey and the app is using a online appKey.

Secondly, ensure that the app use the test environment interface of subscription. you can use the HTTP monitor software such as charles to validate it.

In addition, we use a push system written by ourselves called “mofang”. Make sure the tokens to push is using the test certificate(online environment is corresponding to the online certificate), or push will have a problem. And DBAs will imported push online data into the test library regularly, such import token can not be push successful. So, TRUNCATE TABLE, and subscribe to push again for testing.

When the iOS app is open, it can not receive the push message. Close the application UI, and it will receive the push.

The message shows at the top, if you do not click after a period of time, then disappear automatically. If clicked, jump to message content. Under the condition of the lock screen, received notification will be displayed on screen, and click on it, after unlocking, the screen will automatically jump to the message content.

To ensure delivery system access token interface of the callback is set correctly, otherwise, is also unable to push notification correctly. Make sure that the push system is normal travel.

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